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Why is my tracking stuck in “Pre-Shipment”?Updated 2 years ago

Why it may look like your package still hasn't been received by the carrier.

A tracking number is automatically generated when we print your packing list and shipping label for fulfillment! Because we are a small team who prints all of our tees to order, our fulfillment process tends to take longer than some other companies! 

Once your package has been picked up by UPS or USPS, it can sometimes take them around 24-48hrs to complete their scanning and sorting process.

Because our packages are not scanned in our facility at time of pickup, we are at the mercy of our carriers processing times. 

If it has been 5 days or more following receipt of your fulfillment confirmation email and you are still not seeing movement on your tracking, please reach out to us at [email protected] with your order number!

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